Artist Who Made People Cry With Her ‘Good Boy’ Comics Just Released A New One About A Dog, Says It Was Painful To Draw

Jenny Jinya’s 311k Instagram followers are well aware of the terms of their agreement with her. Her comic strips are not for the faint of heart, as they depict the horrifying reality of human animal cruelty. Jenny’s tales have been described as “tearjerkers” that will linger in our minds for days.

The German artist is back with a heartbreaking cartoon about a dog bred to fight other dogs. Jenny apologised for taking so long, saying, “It was excruciatingly hard to sketch,” which we understand.

Jenny isn’t the first person to bring animal cruelty to the public’s attention. Her previous comic strips featured a powerful black cat, a duck, an albatross, a lion, and an elephant.

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Jenny just released a new strip showing the cruel practice of dog fights

Jenny was contacted to learn more about what prompted her to create this comic strip about a dog fighter. It turns out that the artist was constantly concerned about the dogs’ poor reputation. She knew they were the nicest animals because they belonged to her friends.

Pit bulls are frequently forced to fight and suffer serious injuries as a result. Jenny was well aware of this. However, prior to painting, she conducted research that revealed a darker side to it. “At first, I didn’t realise pit bull puppies were taken and trained in part from normal homes. These animals had hoped for a loving home, but instead found themselves in a world of violence and isolation.”

The German illustrator admitted, “The more I read about this blood sport, the heavier my heart felt.” This lovely strip was inspired by Jenny’s deep sadness.


It turns out, Jenny was reluctant to work on the topic because it was too painful

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Jenny expressed her exhaustion at the thought of writing such meaningful pieces. “It’s upsetting enough to conduct research on the subject,” she admitted, “but when I sketch out the storyboard, a few tears roll down my cheeks as well.”

Her recent comic about a dog fighter exemplified how heinous an act of animal cruelty it is. “The dogs have been raised in seclusion, drugged, abused, and mistreated since they were puppies.” “Conditioned to be aggressive and ready to battle,” the artist wrote in the post, which received 127K likes in just two days.

Dog fighting is a felony offence in all 50 states, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Dog fighting victims, according to their report,

Dogs’ ears and tails may be docked to “restrict the regions another dog can grip onto in a fight” and “to shut off body language signs.”

Victims may also be given medications like “anabolic steroids” to help them gain muscle mass and become more aggressive. Other narcotic substances are used to “enhance aggression and hide pain or fear” during a fight.

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