A Japanese illustrator imagines a world in which humans coexist with enormous animals (30 Pics)

On the internet, the enigmatic “Japanese” artist Ariduka55 created another entirely fascinating environment in which enormous animals live and grow alongside “hoomans.” Cats, dogs, rabbits, owls, and other small creatures are completely influenced by our planet, but small animals, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and owls, can grow to be as large as a three-story home.

Although the artist clearly enjoys cats, he appears to prefer creating soft and fluffy animals like pandas, rabbits, puppies, and the like. The tone of his pictures is generally ethereal and serene, with storey elements in the composition. Through plants or windows, soft sunlight filters across several illustrations.

By the way, the Japanese have a word for sunlight shining through tree leaves: komorebi (), which perfectly describes this natural wonder.

More information at ariduka55.tumblr.com | pixiv.net | amazon.com



One of the Chinese zodiac signs, Inoshishi (the boar), is called the mountain whale.

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