If you’re having a bad day, these three new Pixie and Brutus comics might help.

You’ve probably heard of Pixie, a bouncy kitten, and Brutus, a retired military working dog, from the Pet Foolery series if you’re a comic book fan. You’re most likely a huge fan of theirs.

Ben HePet d’s Foolery has a large internet following, with 2.5 million Instagram followers. Ben was able to transition from drawing comics as a side hobby to working full-time at his dream job as a result of this. Today

Pixie and Brutus are constantly being surprised by the artist with new and exciting adventures, and it appears that the situations in which the furry friends find themselves are endless…

To brighten your day, we’re bringing you the most recent batch of Pet Foolery comics, and once you’re done, be sure to check out our previous postings here, here, and here for more stories about the internet’s most adored pairing.

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Seagull (1st comic)

Sinuses (2nd comic)

Sewer (3rd comic)

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