A Comic About An Unwanted Corgi And A Lonely Kitten Becoming Friends Is Warming People’s Hearts

True friendship is a formidable opponent. Even if it seemed impossible at the time.

Bobble Jot is a Singapore-based full-time illustrator who has been drawing since she was a child. After building her life around the art she loves, Bobble Jot decided to dedicate a comic series to her relationship with her husband. She did, however, give it a twist. “I really love cute animals, and I love how cute corgis look with their small legs,” she told Bored Panda. “I chose to draw a corgi and a munchkin cat with short legs as a companion.” We named the corgi Tori for short because my husband adores the name Victoria, while the cat was given a traditional name. We drew inspiration for the characters from our interactions with one another and the people in our environment.”

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Tori is playful, inquisitive, and easily agitated, much like a small child. “She’s clumsy and can be a jerk,” Bobble Jot explained, “but she’s always trying to do the right thing.” “She’s always looking for affirmation, and she’s relieved that Samuel appears to accept her for who she is.” On the other hand, Samuel is a refined feline. “He is prim and proper, with a restrained demeanour.” He can be abrasive and arrogant at times, but he’s ultimately Tori’s protector.”

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