15+ Comics That Demonstrate How Modern Life Differs From Our Parents’

A generational divide has always existed. However, the world is changing at such a breakneck pace these days that our lives are nothing like our parents’. From romances to life goals, everything appears to be head over heels, but one thing remains constant: the love for family.

We invite you to take a look at some of the ingenious enhancements that have been made to the transfor

1. Our parents’ difficult decision became even more complicated.

2. There has been a significant change in family photographs.

3. The source of limitless knowledge has also changed.

4. Thankfully, there is less awkwardness at the start of a relationship.

5. However, birthday parties aren’t as enjoyable as they once were for our parents.

6. Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a perfect partner.

7. The current abundance of options only adds to the difficulty of making a decision.

8. However, it appears that pizza is our top priority.

9. We sometimes look up to our parents for how well they handled their responsibilities.

10. And our parents are envious of us because we have access to technologies that they did not previously have.

11. Every generation has its own set of secrets.

12. And the key to a happy relationship has evolved as well.

13. It’s a good thing our parents’ phones weren’t as vulnerable as ours were.

14. They were also undoubtedly better gardeners.

15. But take a look at how little we now require on our tables.

16. Modern workouts, on the other hand, are impossible to imagine without selfies and status updates.

But there are some things that never change!

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