American Truck Simulator free download for Windows – 1.43 2022

Taking the wheel
American Truck Simulator

It may be odd to think that the simple idea of driving a truck around while obeying traffic laws is enjoyable, but this title is very popular and has multiple spinoffs.

Shifting gears on the open road
In the game American Truck Simulator, you can live the life of a truck driver as you move between cities.
Multiple titles in the Truck Simulator series, including American, Euro 1, and Euro 2, are evidence of how popular this game is. The popularity of ATS may be due to the relaxation it provides, as you are permitted to travel on quiet roads and scenic routes without encountering the typical road rage you would encounter on a long highway.

You can drive the vehicle to a variety of locations within the two available states of California and Nevada. As you travel along the roads in this beautiful world, you can turn on your favorite tunes as the radio blares out live radio stations straight from the web.

With practise, you’ll learn to operate your vehicle in automatic mode, making busy streets appear as deserted as Route 66. The game’s immersion factor suffers due to the lack of detail in the traffic models. Thankfully, you are concentrating on the interior, where the models and details are stunning to look at.

You’ll quickly discover that there are a lot of activities you can engage in in addition to the game’s primary objectives, such as taking detours and acting out road rage, if you start to get bored. If you play the game through to the end, you’ll notice that managing your business becomes just as crucial as moving loads from point A to point B.

Where can you run this program?
ATS is available for computers using Windows 7 or newer as well as Mac OS X.

Is there a better alternative?
No, this is the best way to use the Southwest as your backdrop while driving, but there are alternatives if you’d rather use Europe as your backdrop instead. However, because the driving laws are different, Euro Truck Simulator might cause confusion.

Our take
ATS is a great way to escape reality for a bit and gives you something to do while listening to satellite radio.

Should you download it?
Yes, it’s a great game to play and allows people to go places that they would normally have to go on a road trip to see.


  • Great driving interface
  • Beautiful world
  • Stream internet radio stations live
  • Lots to do
  • Management elements add depth


  • Only two states available
  • Traffic lacks detail
  • Major roads can feel empty

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