How to make money online in 2021

14 Best Guides for making money online in 2021

14 Best Guides for making money online in 2021

There is lots of ways to make money online with Blogging, Freelancing, YouTube, Facebook and Digital Marketing. As a beginner many people make mistakes and do not follow best practices. In this articles we have covered 14 points that ignored by beginners.

1 YouTube subs4subs does not work in 2021

When it comes to YouTube, many users think they will get good subscribers by sub4sub. They join such groups and subscribe not relevant channels and in return they also get dead subscribers who never watch the videos on channel. YouTube system consider these subscribers as a bot and your channel will not grow.

2 Website needs to be fast, responsive, and user-friendly (UX/UI)

Before starting a website or blog, you have to choose a reliable Hosting and a responsive Theme. Website speed really matters to rank your site on google search console. The speed totally depends on your hosting provider. Secondly a responsive theme will make your site smooth and user-friendly.

3 Videos yield in best results in an advertisement

Videos deliver 3x faster results in advertising then images and text. Running video ads is best advertising method to get better results.

4 Never put an end date on your Facebook ad

Adding end date in FB ads is not recommended by experts, It may limit your audience and you will loss customers due to the limited reach. You can deactivate the ad campaign manually after your desired time.

5 If pixels don’t work, video and page likes do for re-targeting on Facebook

As you know Facebook has analytics system called Facebook Pixels, It allow you to re-target same audience. If you your pixel settings not properly worked, you can use your old campaign audience to re-target them.

6 1st ten seconds of the Youtube video determine if a user will watch further

It is not only an attractive thumbnail and good intro But first 10 seconds are very important of the YouTube video for a user to watch further.

7 Infographics are the best source of traffic

This is a pro tip for bloggers who want a good traffic from Google. Write Inforgraphics like Biography of celebrities,” How to ” informations and Knowledge databases.

8 LinkedIn is the best tool for finding remote/full-time jobs and networking

As compared to freelance marketplaces, LinkedIn is most powerful to find jobs and clients. All big company CEOs and professionals acroess the world using linked for hiring and finding jobs.

9 Instagram stories bring in great results

Instagram stories are very important to promote your products and getting traffic on your website.

10 Content vs SEO

Content coverage for your blog is the best investment you could do far better with nice coverage than worrying about SEO. Content is KING.

11 Communication Skill

Freelancers need to work on their communication skills. Everything comes secondary.

12 Email newsletters are not dead

Using email newsletter to get subscribers on your blog is very important. Many people think its dead but it still working and you are losing your audience if you removed the subscription form.

13 Guest blogging rocks

Guest blogging is best idea to bring traffic and generate backlinks for your blog

14 YouTube and blogging go parallel

If you have a YouTube channel you should create a blog and out your blog links in videos description. If you are a blogger only, you should start a YT channel to get traffic from Youtube.

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