In his daughters’ Disney books, a witty father humorously removes gender stereotypes.

Many young girls have always been inspired by Disney’s lovely princesses to be better versions of themselves and to fight for what they believe in. However, a deluge of Disney-inspired works exist that misrepresent the true story and, as a result, produce puzzling goods that could harm our naive, innocent youngsters.

After getting tired of all the cooking and cleaning in his two daughters’ Disney books, a father from Minnesota decided to modify the plot himself to remove the unnecessary gender stereotypes. He filmed the entire operation and uploaded it to Tiktok, where the committed parent quickly became famous.

His new stories, as funny as they are, provoke a wide range of responses, and not everyone wants to agree with him. While some believe his ideas are brilliant, others believe he is simply indoctrinating his children and that baking and giving are both good things. So, where do you stand? Scroll down to see some one-of-a-kind editions, and let us know what you think!

1. Sorry Prince Naveen, do it yourself next time.

2. Kudos to Cinderella. She is braver and stronger than ever!

3. Good job, Doc!

4. It is not a woman’s job to stroke a man’s ego, right?

5. Merida is a fantastic role model.

6. It’s important to normalize all forms of love that are consensual.

7. Flynn Rider’s pie is the best too!

8. Well, good for Ariel

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