The Same Artist Who Made People Cry With Her Comic ‘Good Boy’ Just Shared A New One With A Black Cat

Death has a cunning way of stealing our lives. And, while we can’t predict when or how we’ll leave this planet, we must accept that it will. Jenny Jinya created a series of sad comics to explore the afterlife’s possibilities, and they’re quite moving.

The first is about a good youngster who died much sooner than expected, and the second is about an equally good lady whose black fur kept many people from knowing her.

Despite the fact that death is a difficult subject, Jenny has found a way to depict it as something uplifting rather than terrifying in her cartoon drawings. And who knows, maybe it won’t be as bad as we think.

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“There are dozens of posters and infographics available with various statistics about abused or abandoned animals.” Many people are aware of the problems, but they quickly forget,” Jenny told Bored Panda. “I want to give the victims a voice with my tragic paintings,” she says. “I want the pets who have been affected to be able to tell their own stories.” I’m hoping that by doing so, I’ll be able to bring more attention to the issue.”

When asked if death is just a state or the start of a new adventure, the artist replied, “Who knows.” That is not a question to which I can respond. However, I prefer to think of death as a person going about their daily routine. People hate them for what they do, but it has to be done at some point. Death is a gentle and perceptive entity in my imagination.”

Here’s another similar comic that Jenny made earlier


“For all I know, we could be playing the universe’s biggest MMORPG,” Jenny concluded, “but there’s no way of knowing.” The narrator exclaims, “Now go hug your cat!”

People started relating to the first strip by sharing pictures of their black kitties

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