This just Hits So Many Chords. It’s Beautiful. Sad, But incredibly Beautiful.

Jenny I felt compelled to state this because I am aware that this message may get lost in the sea of messages… Nonetheless, I admire your work, as well as your thoughts and messages in your creation. It is my expectation that it will bring about a change. Assists in improving the lives of our precious babies. I’m so hurt because people think of them as ‘creatures’ who don’t feel pain or agony and don’t realise they’re living creatures. They love us with everything they have, and they try to protect us with what they know and can do, even if they are the ones who are generally defenceless at the time.

I wish we had the means to protect them all and provide them with the world and love they so richly deserved.

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In 2010, I had to say goodbye to my feline, who had been a huge part of my life from the time I was five years old until I was sixteen. I was in a bad mood after losing her, but on the day we parted ways, I heard a ringing commotion in my room, and my dog’s ears perked up, and she dashed to my room. When I went into my room, I heard the ring again and assumed it was my keys, but it turned out to be the sound of my feline choker, which had a chime with a particular commotion. Since she told me that everything would be fine, I went from being distressed to being relieved.














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