A little dog was found unconscious in a ditch after being abandoned by someone.

A lady consented to lead rescuers to a guy who had abandoned a little dog in a water-filled ditch after she had seen the man do it.
When they initially arrived, they didn’t immediately see the puppy. There was no trace of the pup as they began searching among the debris that had been put there.

They persisted in their search since they believed the dog had been swept away because it was a moving stream.

They eventually came upon the sad dog as they continued to stroll. In the water, he was unresponsive and just holding on to life.
The rescuer immediately started treating the dog after pulling out the first aid box. He finally regained consciousness and was able to use a syringe to swallow some water.

The puppy was brought back to the veterinarian’s office where he was given the necessary medical care and put under a heat lamp.

As the days went by, the puppy started to recuperate and become stronger. Today, you would never guess that this dog was lying in a ditch on the verge of death.
He is thrilled, full of vitality, and appreciative that the witness and his amazing rescuer gave him a second opportunity at life.

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