Only bones and skin A puppy left alone next to a wealthy family’s wall was devoured by hundreds of flies.

The dog, a poor soul, was reportedly found abandoned next to an affluent family’s wall. How can anyone who contributed to the agony of these helpless beings sleep at night?

This dog is in severe agony and being eaten by flies and maggots. He was in pain while he waited to pass away there.
She was taken to the veterinary clinic by Alex Sirbu and other volunteers for treatment.

She goes by the name Maggie.
Maggots swarmed all around Maggie, eating her alive. The doctor cleans the wounds and then removes all the maggots.

After two days, Maggie walked outside to enjoy the sunlight, but she was still in serious condition. But the Ggod saw that Maggie started to consume little quantities of food and water!

She continues to grow better.

She is a survivor and is working hard to get well.

She was glowing on the third day, in the morning with Maggie. She’s battling like a lion. Today, she is doing better; she is more vivacious and lively, and she has started to walk. We have faith and hope that Maggie will develop into a gorgeous young girl and find a loving home to adopt her. said Alex Sirbu

In the late afternoon of the third day, Maggie started consuming milk and tasting food. Antibiotics and infusions were utilized to keep up the therapy.

After five days at the clinic, Alex took her with him till she permanently reunited with her family. And to her astonishment, she met Alex and within three days had found her eternal family.

Last moments with Maggie before departing on the adoption journey.

“Goodbye, my lovely child; wherever you go, we’ll see you again. You deserve more than me, a family that will care for and love you forever!” Alex Sirbu and Maggie converse

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