Sammy, who was 19 when she asked the man to drive her home, is now celebrating her 20th birthday.

Perfect Pulse Cat Rescue and Adoption Center in Arlington, Washington, rescued a handsome 18-year-old cat from a public shelter for a chance at a better life. This tuxedo was donated to a shelter as its owner could no longer keep it. The kind senior showed remarkable resilience and quickly won the hearts of staff and volunteers…

“He’s a classy little handsome cat in white mittens and a smart tuxedo coat,” said Perfect Pulse. “Unbefitting for his age, he’s a sweet guy who can handle whatever happens in his life.” The rescue began with finding the perfect home for a deserving senior citizen.

He needed a place where he could feel safe and comfortable while lounging, napping, and embracing his golden years. “A cat like him lives in a house with people to call home, sunshine that warms his bones, and a soft place to rest his head,” added Perfect Pal.

“Animal shelters don’t even come close to home.” Tim Adams, who had an adorable older cat himself, was intrigued by Sammy’s story and instantly fell in love. “I know people generally don’t want to adopt older pets, so I decided to visit him,” Tim Love Meow said. Sammy sitting alone in his adoption center looked a little lonely when he arrived. As he approached Sammy, the tuxedo woke up and he liked it.

“Sammy kept rubbing his face on my hands. He bonded with me immediately,” said Tim. “I thought you would take him home.” At 18, the handsome cat was plagued with chronic medical problems that forced him to go on a special diet, but Tim wasn’t deterred at all.

Because his cat had special needs as well… Sammy said goodbye to his shelter life and moved to a new home. During his first few days, he clung to his human father and chased him around the house. He would curl up in his lap or turn his arms around at every opportunity.

The gentle Senior Pretty Cat was forever happy at home, being held whenever possible. In the morning, Tim wakes up to find his purring kitten cradled in his arms, and his lap has become Sammy’s favorite place to sleep.

The tuxedo has a distinctive rumbling sound that is a combination of rumbling and barking. When his chin is stroked, he immediately gets his motor going and growls in bliss. Sammy doesn’t talk much, but he certainly knows how to touch the human heart with his lovely quiet meow.

Nothing makes him happier than spending private time with his dad… He is kind, patient and very loving,” Tim told Love Meow. “He likes to lie in the sun and cuddle in my lap.” This cute cat just turned 20 this May. Tim celebrated this amazing milestone with his best friend by baking a cake filled with his best friend’s favorite cat food and treats. After a hearty meal, Sammy snuggled up to his human father and purred to sleep.

For the past two years, Sammy has been Tim’s most loyal companion and rap warmer. Fills the house with sweet purrs and never short of cuddles. Cuddle Bug is very happy and content to know that he has a home of his own and someone to spend his old age with forever.

“I would advise others to take this opportunity to adopt an aging pet. you will get it. Sammy needs a little more effort, but I’m so happy we did it for him,” Tim told Love Meow. Don’t forget to share this amazing video with your friends and family!!

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