Raised as a husky, this cat now sees himself as a big, brave dog.

This quartet is so adorable that everyone can’t stand it! Rescued and bred as a husky, this cat now identifies itself as a big, brave dog. Despite the typical rivalry between dogs and cats, this cat has come to recognize that she plays with three huskies, of which she is one.

Cozy was once a poor, defenseless kitten who was abandoned and left alone. Luckily, she was rescued and adopted by the owners of three huskies who loved and cared for her like her little sister.

Now Koji follows his brothers and plays with them, spending his days believing he’s just as big and brave as them. Her owners are amused and impressed by this unique bond between cats and dogs. I don’t want to share it because it’s too adorable!

Cozy likes to play bossy roles and thinks he’s bigger than he really is. Her older brothers became an integral part of her life, giving her confidence and helping her through her grief of being abandoned. Seeing her strong brother in her Cozy, no one tried to bully her.

Cozy’s solemn expression often surprises people, as he seems to think he’s really a husky dog. This family is just adorable with a cute cat and her 3 great guardians by their side.

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