A Guide Is Found For A Blind Staffie In His Lifetime Friend

Jess Martin met the lovely Staffordshire called Amos who was born blind when she helped at her local animal shelter. When she learned that he was having problems finding his permanent family, she immediately invited him into her house. Temporary foster home for Amos swiftly transformed into the setting that would have a long-term effect on his life.

Jess was concerned about Toby’s reaction when he first met his foster sister, a nine-year-old terrier. Jess’s closest buddy was Toby. The thought of expanding their tiny family sounded a bit intimidating, but they had experienced some wonderful adventures and had developed a deep relationship. After a few hazy days, Toby and Amos’ bond deepened.

Before meeting Jess, Amos had never lived in a home and had spent his whole existence in a rescue center. Amos started to dislike the way carpet made his paws feel, would bump against walls, and developed a phobia of TV noises. Simple things like finding the water dish were quite difficult for the blind dog.

Toby was skeptical about Amos at first, but Jess soon picked up on something unusual. Toby would point Amos in the proper way if she saw him squinting to locate his water bowl. The occasional light push that first took the form of Amos receiving his own guide later changed. They were aware that Jess and her family had acquired yet another cherished friend.

Amos was evaluated by an eye doctor as he aged. It was determined that because his eyes were probably causing him daily discomfort and suffering, having them removed would be the most compassionate course of action. After the procedure, Toby quickly took over as Amos’ “unofficial guide dog.”

He was nervous the first time he went on a stroll with Amos and Toby. He would need to stop regularly to recover and regain concentration since he would be startled by the noises surrounding him. Toby would quickly lie down next to him when he was prepared to go!

Now, one of the furry best buddies’ favorite pastimes is hiking over the hills! Toby uses body bumps and nudges to help Amos navigate the slopes, and if the boy wanders off the route, he assists in bringing him back on track.

They get along well and are considerate of one another’s limitations.

Although Amos has mastered the skill of hiking, he still has a lot to learn about human interaction and canine socialization. Toby would often serve as a mediator during these encounters since Amos’ inability to communicate like a typical dog would scares off many dogs. Toby and Jess collaborate every day to improve his social skills!

Amos could not have asked for a better guide or guardian than Toby! They had each other as a longtime buddy.

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