These two stray puppies have just been rescued, but they won’t stop hugging.

I hope that these two dogs will be adopted by someone who will take care of them both. I am happy that they were rescued and are still living together. They have been through so much together that their bond can never be restored. I hope that the person you adopt with you will love them and be able to live with them like brothers.

May God bless you two, stay together…! The internet is obsessed with these two cute, newly rescued puppies and can’t help but hug them. Apparently, the dogs were adopted by a Vietnamese who found them roaming the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, and now live with Buddhists at a shrine.

I can’t help but wonder what they went through on the street before they were taken to the temple, which makes them look so [scary and vulnerable]. Luckily they are in good shape now. They are getting used to their new home and are even trying to learn meditation from the nuns. Check out this Zen pose.

everything will get better. Yet what is certain now is that they are indeed lucky to keep each other in their forever homes. Because he now knows he has someone to hold his feet up.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation. I hope they find a safe forever home together soon. We are so happy that the two puppies have found a new home together and are receiving lots of love and kisses.

I am so glad they are together and have the love they deserve!!!

They were so precious and connected, but now they are saved. I hope they can stay together in their new home, please don’t separate them. God,

please send these precious babies to a kind and loving home where they will be nurtured. If you enjoy it,

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