Man Skiρ’s Wedding To Rescue Dog Caught On Camera

The Internet offers many different ways to store videos. These videos are a reminder that great sacrifices are required for some people and restore faith in humanity. A video of a man avoiding a wedding to save money fits perfectly into the image above.

The video was first shared on Reddit, with some netizens claiming the incident was reported near the Lim River in Muntenegro.

The tomb can be seen in a three-minute video exploring the concrete foundation near the stream. Within days, a man came to the riverbank in a formal two-piece suit and decided to start a rescue operation.

As the water beneath the hole moved faster and faster, the man took off his two-piece cat and tried to approach his fighting dog. Another man enters the picture and fights the man to save the dog. He reaches out his hand, saves the man from behind, and manages to save the dog.

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