R.I.P. Frodo,, the last surviving dog rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfight ring

When Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick resided in Virginia, authorities had to rescue 51 Pit Bulls. These creatures were subjected to atrocious brutality. They were subjected to savage beatings, electrocution, hanging, drowning, and forced fighting.

Unfortunately, just three of the 48 brave Pitties perished. Many rescue organizations and prospective homes offered these shy, mistreated canines love and compassion.

Frodo, one of the survivors, lived to be fifteen years old. On December 18, 2021, this guy passed away. He was “pampered like a prince” for the next 14 years after surviving a year of anguish at Vick’s property.
Have peace, “sweetheart” Frodo.

BAD RAP, a nonprofit animal protection organization based in Oakland, announced the dog’s death on Facebook. This organization’s advocacy on the dogs’ behalf was very beneficial to their healing.

The following is from the BAD RAP page on Frodo’s death:

“Good day, Frodo. We all admired him. We had never seen a survivor as courageous as him.”

Frodo led a wonderful life, died in love, and was surrounded by adoring family members. “While his mother Kim Ramirez and her daughter Dominique were crying, Frodo ate that enormous package of meat,” Dr. Williams said of the dog’s dying moments.”You earned his trust by creating an unforgettable evening.”
Recoveries from Frodo’s Story

Throughout his life, Frodo worked as the movement’s spokesperson to dispel misinformation about Pit Bulls. He also demonstrated the significance of compassion and tolerance in the life of a dog.

These pups quickly won the confidence of BAD RAP, a dog rescuer with years of experience dealing with rescued combat dogs. Dogs with a problematic background, according to BAD RAP, should be given another shot.

Frodo proved that young pups spared from cruelty must be socialized from an early age in order to develop into strong, fearless adults. The authorities arrested him between the ages of three and six months, and he spent the next six torturous months in solitary prison while awaiting aid.”

When Frodo was rescued from his perilous situation, he was extremely cautious and anxious. Kim Ramirez, Frodo’s adoptee, revealed in a 2009 interview with The Mercury News:

“He is bothered by anything having a mechanical sound. In our home, he would get obsessed with the ceiling fans and would quiver as he looked up at them. If I opened a cupboard, he’d flee. You may also microwave the popcorn. I doubt it, but he could equate shooting with popcorn.

In my view, he may not have seen any of the bouts. But he definitely heard them.”
The Ramirez family was a gift to Frodo because they treated him with respect and kindness. As his legs failed him, the lovely dog’s owners started carrying him about in a stroller.

A survivor has died away.

The 48 “Vick” Dogs Heroes Who Are Still Alive
There were still 13 dogs freed from Vick’s dogfighting operation in 2019. Jonny Justice died in October 2021, surrounded by his family, only two days before Frodo and Uba crossed the rainbow bridge.

Despite their tragic histories, these canines all had happy lives because they were given the opportunities they deserved.

When animal rights activists get together, incredible things can happen. The evidence is made up of 48 “Vick” dogs.

Vick received a 19-month federal prison term after confessing to murdering dogs while promoting dogfighting. Despite this injustice, the highly publicized case altered public perception of Pit Bulls and how mistreated dogs may be healed.

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