The Shelter’s Longest Resident Refuses To Give Up Her ‘Stuffies’ Collection.

Animal shelters throughout the nation take in dogs and cats every day.

Pet owners who are unable to care for their animals abandon them in great numbers. Most of the time, these ex-owners have the best of intentions and believe that their dogs will soon find new homes.

Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware that some of these creatures are killed. Despite the existence of no-kill shelters, some of them euthanize animals within a few days, others as quickly as four. As a result, it is critical that animals from shelters get adopted and put in new homes as soon as possible.

Waffle Sizzli, a stray pit bull, is one of the lucky shelter pets. In November 2022, RACC (Richmond Animal Care and Control) rescued and housed her. In January 2023, she remained in the shelter, awaiting adoption. She had been at the shelter for a long period at this point.

Waffle found another thing she adored in the shelter, soft toys, often known as stuffies, aside from receiving affection and cuddles from the RACC personnel. When Waffle was initially brought into Christie Peters, director of RACC, office, she saw soft toys. Several soft toys were waiting for her here, she discovered. ‘She adored them. To get the stuffies, she crossed the hallway to the other office. In order for her to have more, she took them back to my room, Peters told The Dodo.

Wherever she went, Waffle carried her beloved stuffed animals. While Waffle lay in her bed, the toys encircled her. At least one toy was always with her when she got out of bed. Even when she went to the bathroom, she took her toys outside before returning them when she was done.

Redbones were her favorite cuddly toy. The frog came in second, although his hanging legs caused her to trip on occasion. The bird finished third in the lineup, and Peters claimed she moved it around a lot.

Waffle didn’t interact much with the other dogs at the shelter, but whenever she went past cages with other dogs, she proudly presented her toys to them. She was proud of her possessions but refused to wrestle with her valuable stuffed animals.

She offered to give them to us, but she didn’t want us to accept them. All she wanted was for us to look at her plush animals and adore her, which we did. According to Peters, every day was essentially the Waffle Sizzli performance, with us serving as the audience.

Waffle Sizzli was adopted after three months at the shelter. Her new owner became interested in her after seeing a video of her playing with her stuffed animals on RACC’s channel.

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