A 12-year-old dog adopts an orphaned newborn kitten

Morgan McKenzie was exploring her Delaware property when she heard screams coming from a hollowed-out wood. The kitty, who seemed to be alone, talked in gray and white. McKenzie decided to leave the kitten where she found her in case the mother returned.

McKenzie reread the diary as darkness fell and realized the little animal needed her help.

“When it got dark, we went back to make sure she was gone, but we could still hear her small screams,” McKenzie told The Dodo. “I don’t think she would have made it if we hadn’t taken her up.” She had just been born a few days before. She was blind, her ears remained curled, and she was starving.”

McKenzie got the idea for the kitten’s name from Polly Pocket. McKenzie brought the kitten home and bathed her in the sink since she was covered with fleas. McKenzie’s 12-year-old Lab, Paxton, went in to see what was going on.

McKenzie stated, “Paxton got to meet Polly just after her bath.” “He liked her at first because he got to clean her after each bottle feed, and she liked it because she didn’t know any better.”

The huge dog licking Polly clean was the small orphan’s first encounter with a parent. Because her eyes were still closed, she couldn’t see how big her new buddy was; all she knew was that he looked after her.

McKenzie said, “She used to stand as motionless as she could until she heard his footsteps.” “She’d dash over to the spot where she thought she heard him.”

Polly’s eyesight took five weeks to clear, by which time the two animals had fallen head over heals in love. “I don’t think she ever knew any better,” McKenzie continues, “so Polly thinks this is all normal.” “She grooms him, and he grooms her,” she describes. She doesn’t seem to be aware that she is a cat.”

Whether they’re cuddling on the sofa, playing together, or eating together, the pair couldn’t be happier in each other’s company.

Polly is now 5 months old, and Paxton is almost 13 years old, yet their love remains as strong as ever. Polly’s partner has been really patient with her as she has grown and gotten more active, even when she steals his favorite toys.

“They still admire each other,” explains the narrator “McKenzie.” “She’s turning into the annoying little sister who follows him around and attacks his toys.”

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