Ray was adopted because of his lovely grin. And now other dogs are benefiting as well!

Christian Shenouda was planning to purchase a puppy, but when someone suggested he go to a shelter and adopt instead, it seemed like a wonderful idea. That’s where he met, and fell in love with, a pittie mix called Ray.

Ray’s winning grin won Shenouda over, and Shenouda swiftly became something of a pit bull ambassador, according to The Dodo’s Pittie Nation. His friendship with Ray inspired him to tell his story and show the world what amazing companions these misunderstood dogs can be.

Shenouda, like the rest of the world’s adoption advocates, couldn’t adopt all the dogs, but as a photographer, he discovered he could donate some time to helping shelters — which are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of dogs they have to move through their system — get better photos of their residents, images that capture their winning pibble personalities far more accurately than the sad snapshots so often taken when they first come through the shelter doors.

Ray converted his owner into a pit bull advocate who is working hard to improve people’s perceptions of these wonderful canines.
Shenouda’s images have since helped other dogs, including his own pet Ray, find loving permanent homes. He also performs family picture sessions, capturing puppies and their owners in lovely moments they will treasure.

“It’s been puppy love ever since I adopted my rescue pup Ray!” Shenouda publishes his work on his website. “Dogs inspire us to live life to the fullest, and nothing makes me happier than capturing and sharing those moments!”

A word on happy dogs….

Dog “smiles” have been seen by animal behaviorists to be a submissive gesture of appeasement, one that tells you and other people that he or she is non-aggressive and not a danger. In dog-speak, submissive smiles are used to indicate respect for another person. According to experts, these smiles are often connected with more movement and a lower body posture than the dog’s regular stance (remember when Ray was belly-crawling for his cooked chick?).

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