When taking her deaf-blind dog on a walk her toddler insists on holding the leash.

The puppy was just 12 weeks old when she was taken away to be put down due to her difficulties. Nonetheless, she is presently the world’s finest companion for a little girl!

Echo the Great Dane was deemed a “unwanted burden” by her owner due to her birth abnormalities. The 12-week-old puppy was about to be put down when Marion Dwyer saw her and intervened. Marion drove Echo to her home in Niagara Falls, New York, after picking her up.

Echo overcame her flaws to become the prettiest and most loving dog. However, Marion didn’t notice much of a difference in Echo’s behavior until she got pregnant. Throughout Marion’s pregnancy, Echo stayed close by and cradled the unborn kid as though she already knew it was her “favorite human” within.

Echo has been an amazing big sister since Jennie was born. She constantly keeps an eye on her and never, ever leaves her little kid alone. They eat, play, and sleep together. They just recently started going on walks. Marion regards all human speech as inferior to the “language” used by Jennie and Echo to “speak”!

In this video, Jennie, a 17-month-old, and her dog sister astound us with their strong bond. The enormous dog proudly shields Jennie from danger while roaming around the neighborhood with Echo, and the kid looks delighted. This touching story demonstrates how dogs with impairments may be devoted to their owners and deserve a second chance.

In the video below, you can see how devoted Echo is to Jennie, a little deaf and blind youngster.

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