Every day, this golden retriever spends nearly 2 hours cuddling everybody she encounters on her stroll.

Louboutina is on a mission to make everyone fall in love.

This dog is a heavenly messenger!!!

Golden retrievers are well-known for being a calm and sociable breed of dog. Most dog enthusiasts believe that the golden retriever is the ideal family dog.
Louboutina is a famous golden retriever from Chelsea, New York City, who enjoys street hugging.

Golden retrievers are just an AMAZING breed. Such unfailing affection for everyone!

The lovely golden retriever, named after a French shoe designer, spends at least two hours every day embracing strangers on the street.

Did you know that golden retrievers are renowned to be sociable dogs?

Her 45-year-old owner, Fernandez-Chavez, explained: “It’s just not a regular walk; it’s a hugging walk.”
Many individuals said she brightened their day… If they had a horrible day at work, maybe it was exactly what they needed.

I adore this puppy. So gorgeous and adorable.

He continues, “It all started around Valentine’s Day in 2014, when Loubie began taking her owner’s hand after he ended a relationship.” She began sitting up and clutching my hands with both paws, crossing the other paw over her paw.
I recall telling my buddies, “At least I have someone to hold hands with on Valentine’s Day.”

Now, Fernandez-Chavez recognizes that the warmth his dog provides is needed not just by him, but by the whole globe.

Everyone needs hugs…! We wish there were more people like this dog!

What a lovely spirit…! I adore you to pieces.

What a lovely spirit…! I adore you to pieces.

Lots of love and hugs to you, sweetie.

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