Every day, a stray dog visits the sandwich shop in search of a free meal.

Although we all hope that every animal could find a forever home, the fact is that many stray cats and dogs are abandoned.

Some of these dogs, however, are permitted to survive because charitable individuals supply them with food and shelter. And one stray dog knows where to go for food since she has become a cherished regular at one fast food business.

Gio, a TikTok user from Mexico, informed the world about “Subway Sally,” a stray dog that visits the Subway sandwich shop where he works every evening for a snack.

And the employees will happily oblige. Gio says in a TikTok video, “We constantly feed her.”

Sally happily eats the cold turkey and bacon that he serves her.

Gio argues that, although feeding a hungry dog is a wonderful thing to do, there are times when you simply have to keep your regular customers happy. He claims that if they put off feeding Sally for too long, she will go to Taco Bell next door.

The video has received over 3 million views since it became famous on TikTok.

@kxnuko I admire her in the same way that I enjoy beautiful puppies, stray dogs, and subway mascots. The song “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron.

Because of Sally’s online fame, many people were eager to learn more about her. Some folks said Sally didn’t appear like a stray since she was so well-groomed.

Gio re-feeds Sally in a subsequent film, emphasizing that she is a stray who only has a decent look because of the “flower woman next door” grooming her.


He said that the nearest shelter was 20 miles away and a high-kill facility, which stopped him from transporting the dog there.

Others have questioned why Gio does not bring the puppy home by himself. He said that since the dog was in a low-income area and he already had five cats, he had difficulty finding someone to care for it.

Gio said in a third video, “Our community has a lot of stray dogs.”My neighborhood is in terrible condition. Feeding pets may be costly for many people.

According to Gio, Sally did not seem to want to be exploited: “Many people have tried taking her, but she never wants to go.” I assume she has a regular sleeping area and maybe a place where she keeps an eye on her pups.

At the very least, it’s encouraging to see individuals going above and beyond to help stray animals in their neighborhood.

Don’t be concerned, Gio comforted her, saying, “My coworkers and I will still feed her.”

Gio and his employees should be commended for keeping this needy dog from going hungry. Please spread the word about this incredible tale!

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