After being adopted by the same family for 5 years, two malformed dogs have built an unshakable connection.

Picasso and Newt—two dogs with facial defects that reside on a 55-acre farm in Eugene, Oregon, with Liesl Wilhardt, the 53-year-old founder and director of Luvable Dog Rescue. Picasso was adopted by Liesl in 2017 after the terrible loss of his brother Pablo, and Newt joined Liesl’s family in 2021. According to their owner, these two pups are now virtually inseparable.

Picasso, a 5-year-old boy, was born with a malformed nose. He has wrymouth, a disorder that causes one side of the jaw to grow more than the other, resulting in a crooked look reminiscent of a picture by famed artist Pablo Picasso, thus his name. While this condition may occur in a variety of animals and causes no pain, it can make life more difficult and diminishes the likelihood of a pet being adopted.

The one-year-old Newt, on the other hand, lost his top jaw after getting in an accident with his mother, who bit him.

“It was a miracle that Picasso survived being a baby because it was difficult for him even to suckle from his mother,” Liesel said. the top jaw.”

Despite the difficulties created by their abnormalities, both of these wonderful canines now enjoy extremely happy lives.

“Both Picasso and Newt adore people, so in public, they are very outgoing, attention-seeking, and love to greet people.” According to Lyles, “most people take instant double shots and then stare at the dogs for a while, trying to make sense of what they’re seeing.”

“They’re not in any pain; they’ve adapted to their physical challenges and are doing almost everything they want to do.”

“I’ve always liked Picasso Newt because he likes to play and wrestle and has a great personality.” And this bond has grown stronger as Newt has developed. “I adore Picasso and Newt; they are both incredibly loving, happy, intelligent, and playful dogs,” Liesel said. I went on.

Liesl Wilhardt was eager to share footage of her two deformed companions’ everyday routines, such as feeding and playing with each other, as well as trekking and gathering berries, with her fans.

Picasso has his own Instagram account with over 400,000 followers.

“Picasso is a very special dog, with an exceptional temperament,” Liesl said in 2017. “I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.” He has been certified as a therapy dog and is also a Luvable Dog Rescue Ambassador.”

Picasso was assisting persons with impairments or illnesses as part of Liesl’s rescue program at the time, she added.

“I adore this boy, and he’s had a difficult life so far.” “I want the rest of his life to be incredible for him,” he stated.

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