The poor cat greets all visitors at the shelter and hopes that someone would adopt him.

Myhem waves to everyone he sees at the shelter, hoping that someone would take him in.

A hndsome 2-year-old ginger ty nmed Myhem discovered himself at Lollypop Frm, niml welfre orgniztion in Firport, New York, seeking for a second home.

“Myhem arrived at Lollypop Frm in early June after being abandoned by his owner.” He was adopted, but returned to the shelter when his new home wasn’t the perfect match,” Lollypop Frm said.

The ginger oy is full of energy and is always looking for something to play with. This rambunctious feline has a big, sssy personality and represents a very usy ody.

Stff has furnished his room with all sorts of toys and entertaining ctivities to keep his active self busy while Myhem waits for his drem home. “He has a gint kitty colony all to himself – filled with ct toys, crdoord oxes, climatic towers, and so on,” Lollypop Frm said.

“When stff memrs wlk pst the glss door leading into his toy-filled domin, Myhem pws t the door as if to say, ‘come in nd ply with me!’ And don’t worry, we have you covered.”

With such tenacity, this astute and persuasive guy eckons to his people. When he asks for their attention, they don’t have the hert to say no. Myhem enjoys nothing more than spending time with people and playing nps.

“He has a lot of energy and requires a lot of stimulation to stay busy.” He may not be the ideal sort of ct for everyone, but we know there is a ct lover out there yearning for sssy ct like him,” Lollypop Frm added.

Maybe Myhem’s love language is spending time with his human companions. Stff members interact and play with him to reassure him that he is loved. The ginger oy reciprocates by delivering the best feline entertainment.

“Myhem loves to play with ct toys, especially those on wnd with string,” Lollypop Frm said.

This lovely gentleman emodies the ginger cttitude where he craves humn ffection, and ply time is his ultimate goal.

The kitten is never afraid to make his mny desires. All he wants is to play with someone. “He could thrive in a home with dogs.” During his stay here, he has also demonstrated a keen interest in different cts,” Lollypop Frm said.

The rescue organization is dedicated to finding the adorable feline the forever loving home he so well deserves.

“The ehvior and training team at Lollypop Frm has been working with Myhem to promote positive reinforcement training, and will be able to give his new family all sorts of tips on how to keep this husky ody happy and engaged.”

The adorable ty continues to look for the ideal house while wving to everyone he encounters via the glass door.

“This hndsome ct will undoubtedly find the perfect home where he can play with ct toys to his heart’s content.”

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