A faithful dog died after sitting by the window every day for 11 years, waiting for its master to return home.

When some individuals return home, they have the habit of informing their family of their arrival. In anticipation of their owner’s arrival, the pets joyfully rush to him and wag their tails.


Some pet owners have become used to their furry pets greeting them when they get home from work. That is the case with Roman, who runs a medium-sized transportation company and works as an optometrist in Chicago, Illinois.

When Roman arrives home from work, the first thing he does is glance through the window since his dog Toby is usually waiting for him there.

This delightful and tenacious habit lasted eleven years.
However, Roman recently had to cope with a very challenging situation. Toby, his long-time companion, died.

The cheerful puppy that had been waiting for him has departed from his window.

Even though Toby has been gone for many years, Roman still comes home from work every day and looks up at the window. But it’s all for nought; he’ll never see his beloved puppy at his window again.

Toby and Roman first met 14 years ago, when Toby was just two years old and his then-girlfriend’s dog was two years old.

When they first met, Toby pooped in Roman’s living room, causing Roman to assume Toby was a brat. The two did not get along at first.

Smart Toby is a very affectionate dog. Because he desires Roman’s attention, he is generally malicious and cunning. This causes Roman a headache, and he constantly has disagreements with Toby over petty topics.

“Just treat Toby like a human child, don’t always be angry with him,” Roman’s partner ultimately convinced him.

As a consequence, Roman tried to change his behavior around Toby, but he did not expect the puppy to change his behavior as well, as if he understood.

Roman and Toby were close after a few years, and their relationship surpassed both his girlfriend’s and Toby’s.

Roman divorced his fiancée a few years later, and since he couldn’t live without Toby, he gave her the home.

The years have gone, and his surroundings have changed, but only Toby has stayed at his side….

Roman was never lonely throughout his years with Toby.
Roman usually works as an optician for 8-10 hours every day. Toby eventually became aware of the routine of his working hours.

He’d lay by the window, anticipating Roman’s return from work.

Toby is overjoyed when he sees Roman’s vehicle approach, then bows his head and waits for Roman to open the door….

Toby wouldn’t mind if Roman left for a few minutes and then reappeared as if he hadn’t seen him in years.

The waiting has gone on year after year, day and night, spring, summer, autumn, and winter….

Year after year, Toby waits for his master to come home.

Toby is an ideal dog who will never be replaced in Roman’s heart. He is sympathetic and nice, particularly with children.

Toby, sadly, had cancer and had undergone several procedures, including dilated cardiomyopathy, and was in poor condition. Following three major surgery, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and renal failure in October 2018.

By February 2019, Toby’s body had deteriorated to the point that he could no longer swallow.

Roman and his friends didn’t want Toby to suffer any longer, so they wished him goodbye. He decided to take Toby to the vet for euthanasia….

Toby has been absent for a number of years.
But Roman’s tendency of glancing out the window couldn’t be avoided. Toby, he had the sensation, was always present and never left.

Toby, out of love and delight, gave Roman the warmest and most perfect companion, so that Roman’s life is full of brightness and color. Toby is much like any other furry baby in our house. They are a constant friend, even if they sometimes bring troubles.

They eventually become our most dedicated companions, and in certain circumstances, even family members.

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