Timorous the dog, hiding in a corner, putting his head down to avoid anything!

Projeto Orelhinha Dog volunteers noticed him laying on the pavement with a hole full of maggots on his body. He didn’t even make a single move. When they tried to approach him, he was quite skeptical. With a scared expression on his face, he couldn’t raise his head to see. He must have gone through a lot…

They were able to save him fast.
“We went to the location, bandaged him, and gave him medicine.” He was quite anemic, but we’ll give him a few days and then transfuse him if he doesn’t improve.”

Azulo was called after the blue bird of the same name (since he was blue when they discovered him owing to a spray they used on him).

“Go Boy! Everything will be OK because you are a fighter and will make it through this. I’m here today to take care of your scars and pain; I’m here to take care of you!!!”

Full stomach, meds administered, and dressing placed!!! Now is a good moment to take a quick rest since there will be more later.

He’s eating and taking his meds appropriately, so the wound is healing well. Everything will be OK if you have faith in God, and you won’t even need a blood transfusion!

At times, his mood swings are dramatic. He looks to be miserable and weeping. He was in excruciating pain, so vets worked diligently to treat both his body and mind.

He’s getting better by the day, eating properly, taking his medicine, and receiving plenty of love.

They brought him back to the vet, and he is doing well.

He was almost dead, but he’s becoming stronger and more beautiful by the day. He is such a sensitive young guy, diving deeper and ruminating on something that no one knows about.

They saved him from a bad situation, but he responded well to treatment and is doing much better now. He enjoys going on walks in the sun.

“When we rescued him, all he had was skin and bones and a massive bug-filled wound on his neck, but now he has a new life, be healthy and happy!”

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