The Touching Story of a Tiny Pup Saved from a Landfill by Unwavering Love.

Stray dogs and other homeless animals are becoming more widespread on Kraljevo’s streets.

Goran Marinkovic loves animals and spends his own money to feed over 100 stray dogs and kittens. The seasoned animal rescuer thought he’d seen it all until he met Smesten, a little dog.

“I rescue endangered animals that live on the streets.” “I take care of animals because I love them; I love all animals equally, including cats, dogs, and others,” Goran remarked. “I feed abandoned animals on the street who do not receive food from humans and have no owners.” Their population is continuously growing.”

One day, he was feeding a swarm of stray dogs when he found Smesten lying in a mound of garbage. There was no evidence of the puppy’s mother, and it seemed thin and sick. Unfortunately, the infant had been sheltering from the elements in an abandoned shoe.

The animal lover’s heart sunk when he saw the puppy’s dirt. Goran started by feeding the baby, but soon realized he couldn’t leave him alone in his weak condition.

Goran instead grabbed him up and brought him home, stopping short at the vet’s office for prescription before starting to nurse the puppy back to health.

Goran fed and cared for Smesten over the next eight months, until he started to thrive. He grew pleased and well-adjusted as his fur got smooth and clean. Not to mention that he idolizes Goran!

Goran already owns many dogs and cats and planned to put Smesten for adoption when he was ready. However, as the puppy grew in size, Goran realized he couldn’t abandon him.

He adopted Smesten in November, and neither of them is pleased with the situation. Check out Smesten right now!


Who doesn’t like a nice makeover? Smesten looks to be a different dog entirely. What exactly is the difference between a glow-up and a glow-pup?

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