A 9-year-old raises almost $80,000 to buy bulletproof vests for police dogs.

Many young children dream of being police officers as they grow up, but one 9-year-old is now looking for police divisions.

Brady Snakovsky, from Strongsville, Ohio, is not your typical third grader. Brady had high dreams of being a cop, but when he saw that a K-9 on his favorite cop program, Live PD, wasn’t wearing a pellet evidence vest, he had to do something about it.

Brady decided to ask his mother if they might purchase a vest for a K-9 in need. Brady and his mother quickly discovered that the vests were too costly, so they established Brady’s K9 Fund and began a Go Fund Me campaign.

Until now, the design has been quite successful. According to his mother, Leah Tornabene, they’ve raised interesting shiffre and given out 79 vests to colorful cops, including the Mendon Police Department, who tweeted about it.

“K9 Policeman Pichel and K9 Brady would like to thank Brady Snakovsky, a truly special boy.” Brady presented the Mendon Police Division K9 System with a LOF Defence Road Fighter Vest.*BradysK 9Fund.”

You can learn more about Brady and his incredible initiative to provide vests to all K-9 police officers on his Go Fund Me page.

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