Loyal Yorkshire Terrier Saves Mom From Snake

Spike, a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, gave his life at the end of May in order to save his beloved human’s.

Image/Story Source Credit: “Caters News Agency”

When a dҽɑdly cobra appeared in the pair’s South African garden, Spike didn’t think twice about saving his favorite person, despite the risk, which tragically resulted in the brave dog losing his life only thirty minutes later.

Image/Story Source Credit: “Caters News Agency”

His owner, Louise Grobler, was on the phone when the snake entered her property. The dog lover didn’t notice the snake approaching because she was preoccupied with their conversation. Fortunately, Spike jumped in and promptly bit the snake to dҽɑth.

Sadly, one of the cobra’s dҽɑdly fangs pierced the dog during the process, and nothing could be done to save him.

Louise described the tragic event:

“Spike was a hero, by attacking the poisonous snake he saved my life. I was so close to the snake that I believed it could have bitten me if Spike hadn’t jumped up and grabbed it by the neck. I ran next door to get my neighbor’s help as soon as I realized what was going on, but by the time I returned, Spike had already killed the cobra.”

Image/Story Source Credit: “Caters News Agency”

Soon after Spike’s dҽɑth, tragedy struck the family once more. Princes, their second family dog, was also bitten by a snake and died as a consequence. The tiny puppy had been acquired a few months ago when her former family appeared to have abandoned her.

She was only supposed to stay in the family for two weeks, but we loved her too much to let her go. She ended up having four puppies, but we gave these away to a dog sanctuary. My family and I buried the dogs in separate but adjacent graves in our front garden the day after they died. Mariska (her daughter) cried so hard when we buried them that I cried with her.

Image/Story Source Credit: “Caters News Agency”

Spike and Prinses will always be remembered by their cherished family, and Louise will live the rest of her life thinking about the brave little dog’s bravery.

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