A Puppy Dying In The Snow Is Alive Thanks To The Power Of Love And Attention.

When a woman answered a call about a puppy that might be losing heat, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.
Apparently, a person with a cold heart pushed the unfortunate little critter inside a cardboard box that was so covered in snow that it had frozen.

A small puppy who was critically hypothermic was struggling to survive in the bitter cold. The events happened in Arkhonskaya, a village in Russia known for its intense heat.

The thought of someone hurting such a beautiful and vulnerable creature saddened Tamara. Had she not answered the cry for assistance, the tiny guy would have died within hours.She picked up the small baby and carried him carefully to a vet clinic without thinking twice.
The puppy’s condition was grave; his breathing was very soft, he hardly moved, and his body temperature was so low that the veterinarian could not decide.

He was so severely dehydrated, his small frame appeared frail, and his blood pressure was zero that they were unable to perform any more tests to determine his true condition.

Tamara is an animal rescue volunteer at Dublin Shelter. The young child was looked after by these heroes, who would stop at nothing to give the puppy every chance to fight against destiny and live a longer life.
The poor thing desperately needed a miracle to survive, thus Joseph was his given name.

In order to assist him get his body temperature back to normal, the clinic put him inside a heating pad.

That was a good concept in the beginning, but as his breathing grew increasingly labored, things became more troublesome.

For José, receiving a blood transfusion was crucial. Though faith and hope are the last things to go, they would not give up even if he had to spend several days in the hospital while the doctors waited for a miracle.
Within a few days, he began to improve dramatically.

His rescuers said, “We could finally perform some tests because we could hear his voice.”

It turned out that his main issue wasn’t only that he had arrived in a hypothermic state; instead, he had an inside parasite infestation that was actually eating him alive. Serious vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, and general weakness resulted from this.

José didn’t seem to want to give up, clinging to life despite his small size and vulnerable condition from the moment he came at the clinic, so they dewormed him right away.
The dog started exhibiting life-giving characteristics the following day, which gave everyone hope and optimism.

All of the veterinarians did everything they could to help José feel comfortable and not suffer too much, even though he was still in pain and required IV treatment, which may irritate him greatly.

They swiftly declared on their networks that José was recovering amazingly well, primarily because of his heroes’ unwavering love for him and their selfless sacrifice in making every attempt to ensure his recovery.
After being cursed by a heartless man, it’s only a matter of time until the dog receives the unconditional love he has always deserved and undergoes a whole makeover.

We are really grateful to the woman who answered the phone so quickly and saved the life of this helpless animal whose fate had already been decided. However, love allows even the most manifestly unlucky creature to reject his own fate.

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