Startled By His Own Hiccups, This Adorable Little Puppy Tries To Scare Them Away

In a heartwarming moment of pure innocence, an adorable little puppy named Buck finds himself in an unexpected battle with a funny annoyance – hiccups.

Hiccups might be a completely normal occurrence to you, but to this young, eight-week-old puppy, these involuntary spasms were something completely different and new… scary, even.

Startled by the strange enemy within, this charming furball embarked on an adorable attempt to conquer the hiccup blues.

“What Are These Things Inside Me?!”
In the video, you can see Buck, an eight-week-old Heeler puppy who isn’t quite sure about his first hiccup experience.

His precious reaction and his attempt to scare away the strange things inside him was so unique and adorable that his owner decided to film it – and boy are we glad that this moment was captured on camera.

Source: YouTube
In this short clip, little Buck is seated in the car when this strange thing starts happening. He was quite comfortable sitting there until this strange enemy came out of nowhere and startled him.

When Buck first hears the strange noise, his face gets all worried, trying to figure out what is happening.

Then, another hiccup came and now he was fully panicking.

You could almost see that he was wondering, “What are these strange things inside me?”

As the hiccups continued, this adorable puppy got angry with this weird annoyance. “I will scare them away!”, thought Buck.

He starts to growl and bark at his own hiccups in his charming quest to scare away the invisible hiccup demon.

In his quest, he barks at the air around him and even tries to bite and bark at his own tummy where the supposed enemy was hiding.

Buck’s attempt to scare the hiccups away quickly went viral, with millions of people watching the short clip over and over again with a huge smile on their face.

You won’t want to miss this video!

“I feel the same way about hiccups. Shall try growling at them in the future,” commented one person, approving Buck’s method of scaring away his hiccups.

“I am so happy YouTube recommended this to me. You tell them, Buck! You make those bad bad hiccups go away,” said another person sending support to little Buck.

In the world of this adorable little pup, even the hiccuping monsters were no match for his indomitable spirit and boundless charm.

As we witness the valiant efforts of this tiny puppy to fight his own hiccups, we can only be reminded of the simple joys that our furry companions bring into our lives.

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