A Puppy Who Found Shelter Underneath A Car After Being Attacked Found An Unexpected Forever Home

Niq is one of those puppies who, even though they are physically small, have a very big will to live.

Even when put in the most difficult situation, this strong little pup overcame every difficulty thrown at him and ended up living the life he deserved.

Rescue Mission

Source: Suzette Hall
Niq, the Chihuahua, was unfortunately attacked by a pack of animals in South California, forcing him to run for his life and find shelter underneath a car.

Tucking himself behind one of the rear tires, Niq patiently waited for the animals to forget about him and go away.

Luckily, some neighbors witnessed the whole event and immediately contacted Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue, asking for help.

Source: Suzette Hall
The founder of the rescue, Suzette Hall, swiftly made her way to the Southern California neighborhood, determined to help the little scared pup.

“He had a pretty bad wound. He had to have emergency surgery,” said Suzette.

Suzette managed to get Niq into her car and drive him to Camino Pet Hospital where a team of vets were waiting to treat the little pup right away.

Source: Suzette Hall
Even though the team successfully performed the surgery, stitching up his wounds, when Niq woke up, he still wasn’t feeling quite right.

After he got out of surgery, he started acting super, super sick. Then, he tested positive for parvo.

Parvo (or Canine parvovirus (CPV)) is a very infectious virus that mainly affects dogs. However, research conducted by petMD states that when treated, the survival rate is usually around 75% to 80%.

Unfortunately, on top of healing from a traumatic attack, Niq was now also battling a highly contagious virus.

But, being such a strong and determined dog, Niq, alongside his vet team, decided to face his trouble head-on!

Source: Suzette Hall
New Life
One of the veterinary technicians, being extremely moved by Niq’s resilience, developed quite an incredible bond with the pup.

She would stay at the rescue after working hours, keeping Niq company and having playdates filled with never-ending fun.

She would go and sit with him every day after work. She fell in love with him.

Source: Suzette Hall
After a couple of playdates, the vet tech decided to suggest to Suzette that she take Niq home with her over the weekend and offer him a warmer environment to heal.

Delighted with the proposal, Suzette agreed, and was happy to receive a very incredible message first thing Monday morning.

She’d offered to take him home for the weekend, but she couldn’t bring him back. She said, ‘I have to have him. Can I please adopt him?’

Source: Suzette Hall
From that day forward, Niq has been a happy member of a loving family.

Final Word
Niq was more than happy to forget about his past life and embrace this new, better one.

He is now completely healthy, having fully conquered all of his injuries and even the stubborn virus.

This was just one of those cases which reminded Suzette of how rewarding her job really is.

He’s so happy, and he’s so loved. He now has the perfect forever home.

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