This Amazing Puppy Fell Asleep On A Family’s Porch In Hopes That They Would Adopt Her

Stray dogs don’t have the luxury of living a day without a worry, and their ultimate goal is to find a place to call their own.

Sadly, only a small percentage of these lifetime wanderers catch the attention of a kind-hearted soul, but when that happens – they, without a doubt, become the greatest pets in the world!

One such story comes from Missouri, where a family found a tiny dog lying on a front porch. Scared, hopeless, and in full survival mode, the pup refused to budge until someone showed her what kindness looks like – for the first time, ever!

Desperately Looking For A Caring Soul

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Stray Rescue of St. Louis, in Missouri, got a call from a family who reported a dog resting on their front porch.

When they arrived at the house, their first thought was that the pup was injured because she wasn’t moving at all. But then, as SRSL volunteers approached her – the pup stood up and lunged at them, trying to defend herself at all costs.

“This little baby totally broke our heart. She was expecting to be hurt by us,” SRSL wrote on their official Facebook.

Source: Facebook
Life was no picnic for this puppy. Even though nobody knew what exactly she’d been through, it was more than clear that she was deprived of love and kindness.

The SRSL staff started giving her treats, patiently waiting for her to realize that they wouldn’t hurt her – and after some time, she let her guard down and allowed them to put a leash on her.

The dog, later named Babbit, was safely removed from the porch and transferred to the SRSL facility where she got all the needed care and attention.

So exhausted, but then again, so relieved, Babbit finally melted in her rescuers’ arms and started displaying her gentle side. At the end of the day – the volunteers realized she was nothing but a tiny lovebug in a lifetime search for someone to love and accompany.

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“All she wanted was kindness, and to be deprived of that until now breaks our heart,” SRSL wrote.

Amazing Transformation In A New Foster Home

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Babbit got a foster home in record time, and she was more than happy to embark on a beautiful journey with her new family!

She even got the identical doggo sibling in a new home, which was amazing! She was so happy to finally be in a home filled with love, and now that she has a twin and a companion of her own – she’s just over the moon!

Source: Facebook
“The family that took her home actually have a dog that looks almost identical to her! Babbit has been cuddling with them on the couch and she loves their little dog, her twin,” the SRSL team wrote.

Once a stray dog without a plan, Babbit finally replaced a random porch with a comfy bed, where she can put all of her nightmares behind her and dream only about her long-awaited, beautiful tomorrows!

You can watch her full rescue in the video below!

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