After Being Found Wounded And Tied To A Fence, This Dog Blossomed And Showed His True Colors

We all know how the outside world can be very cruel sometimes. Danger lurks from every corner and you are left to fend for yourself and fight alone.

Dogs are creatures that arose from wolves, but in the long process of domestication, they became very attached to humans and dependent on them in every way.

That’s why it’s no wonder that various rescue organizations often find dogs on the street in terrible conditions, unable to continue fighting on their own.

That state was exactly the one in which the rescue organization found one tied-up dog in a St. Louis neighborhood.

His Condition Was Terrifying

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis
On March 24, 2019, Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) got a call about a dog tied up to a fence and in very bad condition.

When the volunteers of this organization heard about the dog’s condition, they did not wait a moment, but immediately went to that place.

However, when they came and saw the situation, they were completely shocked.

“As you can see, he is covered in bite marks that have gotten beyond infected and he has become septic,” SRSL wrote on their official Facebook profile, posting a few pictures that showed how his face was truly unrecognizable for one ordinary dog.

One of the volunteers, named Donna, very shaken by the scene, immediately started a rescue operation and approached this poor dog to untie him.

Although he couldn’t show it because of his injuries and a very swollen face, it was clear that this doggo was delighted because someone had come to save him.

Marco, as they named him later, was finally heading to safety.

He Went Through It All Bravely

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Marco’s road to recovery has finally begun. Right from the start, it was clear that it would be anything but easy. But, the good people from SRSL were determined to put a smile back on his face.

“Marco’s temperature was at 94 when he came in and now it is 98 (A normal temperature for a healthy adult dog is around 100-102),” SRSL posted on Facebook.

They also said that they had put him on an IV, antibiotics, and other medications to get him back on track.

A few days after he had been saved, they had an update on Marcos’s condition: “Today was the first day we were able to drain and clean his wounds. He has so many deep pockets of infection in his head and legs that he needed to have several drains inserted.”

But, the good news was that they were finally able to see his true face. For them, it was the cutest face, but also the best indication that he was on the right track.

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis
On March 30, SRSL had some happy news to share with their followers on Facebook. According to them, Marcos’s condition was improving and his eyes looked very bright that day. It could be seen that Marco was joyful again and that he had a bright future ahead of him.

Although he had to have surgery to partially close his leg, Marco was getting better and better every day. He was getting closer to his complete recovery, and most importantly, the beginning of a new life.

Then, on May 1, after the surgery and all other treatments came the announcement on Facebook that they were all so eagerly awaiting: “Great News! Marco has been cleared for a medical foster!”

After a tough struggle, all of a sudden this brave boy was finally ready to start his new, happy chapter in life.

His Foster Family Fell In Love With Him

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Soon after Marco’s full recovery, a loving foster family was waiting for him. Behind closed doors, the people from SRSL made incredible efforts to find him the family he deserves, and in the end, they succeeded.

“We knew a foster home would do Marco good! Here he is, excited in the car, and then falling asleep while getting pets. He’ll get some good rest in a nice, comfy home and will heal so much faster,” SRSL wrote in their post on Facebook.

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis
His new foster mom, Katie, said that he fit perfectly into the family from the first day. He loved the warmth and comfort of the house and he didn’t go anywhere without his little blanket.

Marco was also good with his new canine brother and sister, Petey and Caravan, who were stray rescue dogs as well. But, by far, his favorite person became his human sister, Brianna, from whom he became inseparable.

Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis
Although this was only supposed to be Marcos’ temporary home, the bond between him and this family, and even their neighbors, became too strong. Katie, at Brianna’s insistence, ultimately decided that this would be Marco’s forever home.

In the end, fate wanted it that way and Marco became one of the happiest pups. And, who knows if it would have been like that or if he would have ever met his perfect family if he hadn’t gone through all the hardships…

“[H]e’s still just the cutest little man with his head tilts,” Katie shared on SRSL’s Facebook. “We love our baby boy, Marco!”

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