Sweet 15 Year Old Dog Was Abandoned At A Cat Rescue Before Someone Stepped In To Save Her

One interesting fact I read somewhere on the internet is that the most common cause for abandoning senior dogs is when owners move to a new place that doesn’t accommodate dogs.

However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that some people won’t even bother to find a new home for them.

Instead, they get dumped out on the cold streets or surrendered to a shelter, so other people do it for them. It’s cruel and they don’t deserve that.

In this story, we will talk about a senior dog who was abandoned by his owners and left at a cat rescue in Ohio for some reason.

A Dog In A Cat Rescue

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It was an ordinary day for Kay Banks, who was just doing her job at the Tabby Tails Cat Rescue when she suddenly noticed something strange outside.

When she got out, she saw that a dog was circling her cat rescue in Ohio and was likely a neighbor’s dog.

However, upon checking again, it was clear that she was abandoned, so she let her inside immediately.

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She noticed gray hairs on her and realized that it was a senior dog. Banks named her Honey, and they established that she was at least 15 years old, and also had a microchip.

Banks called her previous owners, but they didn’t want her back, so she had to take care of Honey for now.

Honey Is A Very Good Dog

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She really wanted to find a good family for her, but it was difficult considering that she mainly deals with cats and the fact that Honey was a senior dog.

One idea was to take her to a proper shelter for dogs, but there was a big chance that she would be euthanized if it proved too difficult for them to find her a new home.

So, for the time being, Banks did her best in caring for Honey and helping her with some of the problems.

The dog had arthritis, so she got her laser therapy, which helped immensely, as it reduced pain and helped her move around easier.

Source: TikTok
She also had some other issues, like overgrown nails, ticks, and fleas, but nothing that a visit to a veterinarian couldn’t fix.

After some time, Honey settled in with Banks really well and just loves being around her.

Banks is hopeful that she can find someone who will adopt a senior dog despite all of her issues, but she is happy to take care of her until that day arrives.

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