Homeless Senior Dog Bullied Because Of Her Age Gets A Cozy Bed In A New Home

It is pretty normal nowadays to just ignore senior dogs for some reason. Most people skip them completely when looking for a new one to adopt, while others outright bully or torment them.

While the treatment is cruel, we have to do better and treat our older furry friends the same way we would any other dog, as all of them are just waiting for an opportunity to love again.

In this story, we will talk about a senior dog who was bullied because of her age, and she avoided people because of that.

A Scared Dog Hiding Under A Tree

Source: The Dodo
When Porkie was first found by the rescuers, hiding under a tree, they seemed confused as to why she had been staying there.

It seemed like a horrible place to be, but they soon learned that she had been bullied by other kids in the neighborhood because she was an old dog.

When her new friends tried to take her, she seemed very distressed and tried to escape, but managed to ease up a bit after realizing they meant her no harm.

The rescuers placed her carefully in their car and decided to drive her to a veterinarian clinic for a full checkup.

Source: The Dodo
They found that she was ill and had quite a few broken teeth, for which she would need medication.

Now that she was beginning to heal, Porkie was placed in foster care and her mom loved having her around.

Porkie’s Vibrant Personality

Source: The Dodo
Despite the fact that she was an older dog, she still maintained her playful and joyous personality, which wasn’t there a few days ago.

Some time had passed, and now was the time for Porkie to look for her new family, and her rescuers had managed to find just the right people.

She was so excited to meet them that she couldn’t even sit still. They recognized that she was a very lovable dog who still had a lot of energy left in her, so they took Porkie into their home.

Porkie had realized that she even had her own little bed there and two new cat siblings to play with.

After all she went through, it’s just so heartwarming to see that this beautiful senior dog managed to find a loving family who cherished every moment with her.

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