Lab Beagle Jumps Into Man’s Arms To Thank Him For His New Life

A Beagle named Uno was bred specifically for laboratory testing. Thankfully Uno was freed from the lab and ended up with John. John, who only has daughters, has dubbed Uno his son! And he definitely means it!

John is the Executive Director of Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Wyoming. Kindness Ranch, amazingly, was involved in one of the largest dog rescues in history. They aided in saving over 4,000 dogs! Uno was in the first group of rescued dogs brought back from Virginia and John couldn’t get over how loud he was! Uno made it clear he wasn’t happy among the 32-dog pack locked in kennels. John sat with him as much as possible inside his kennel to bring the pup comfort.

Soon, John brought Uno home to foster him at the sanctuary. He wasn’t sure of people or animals, but he was relieved to be out of the kennel. The pup had never run around before or even walk on grass. Uno was thrilled by his new surroundings. He expressed his gratitude with a big hug and a smile as he jumped into John’s arms. It was at that point John went from foster dad to forever dad.

Uno’s adventure was about to begin and it’s too good to miss! Thank you to all the kind humans who work tirelessly to rescue dogs just like Uno. We are incredibly grateful for your tireless efforts!

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