Tiny Senior Dog Found On The Street Lived His Happiest Moments With The Loving Family

It’s hard to start life on the street, and maybe it’s even harder to end it there. Dogs know this best because their whole world revolves around a loving family.

One tiny senior dog was faced with a dark fate because he was already on the street in his late years and surviving alone without anyone’s help. In addition, he had a number of health problems, which made the situation even more complex.

However, one day, his fate changed and his new life could finally begin.

Mr. Little Was Surviving On The Streets

Source: truefaithfulpetrescuemission
One day, in the early summer of 2021, rescuers from True & Faithful Pet Rescue noticed a tiny pup wandering the streets. It was a Pomeranian mix.

He was so small that they decided to name him Mr. Little. Despite his size, Little was actually a senior dog, as they estimated that he was around 12 years old.

With so many years on his back came numerous health problems. He was unable to walk on his back legs, and had an enlarged heart, as well as a heart murmur. He was also half blind.

He had to have an echocardiogram to gain clearance for surgery in order to repair a perineal hernia, perform dental work, neutering, as well as numerous other surgeries.

However, with the help of good people, this brave little warrior came out victorious. They got him wheels so he could walk on his hind legs, and he was on heart and cough meds for a long time.

Source: truefaithfulpetrescuemission
Nothing swayed him from continuing to celebrate his new life and look forward to each new day and what the future brings.

Soon, the future brought the greatest happiness for this little pup.

He Quickly Became A Family Favorite

Source: GeoBeats Animals
On July 6, 2023, True and Faithful Pet Rescue posted some happy news on their official Instagram profile.

“We made it to Virginia,” they wrote. “We are a few hours out and will post all pictures and videos of this incredible senior adoption!!”

Mr. Little was heading to his new home in Lake Caroline, Virginia, to the @peewee_brigade to meet his wonderful new parents, as well as his new canine brother and sister, Joey, and Kiku.

Joey and Kiku were rescued senior dogs as well. They were still sad because of the loss of their sister, Cindy, who passed away not too long ago, but the arrival of their new brother healed the wound in their hearts and brightened their future days.

Rocket, as his new mom named him, quickly integrated into the crew and everyone loved him very much. He especially became friends with Joey, with whom he became inseparable.

Source: @peewee_brigade
“Joey and Rocket are both almost blind,” their mom said for GeoBeats Animals. “They seek each other out. And then when they’re touching, they stop and hang out.”

It’s no wonder that Joey took such a liking to him immediately and that they got along so well.

But, Joey wasn’t the only one who fell in love with Rocket because this cute little pup quickly became the favorite neighborhood dog.

It didn’t stop there because Rocket even earned the title of favorite Instadog on their official Instagram profile, and his video became the most viewed of all.

Source: @peewee_brigade
From a semi-paralyzed dog found on the street, Rocket became the most loved dog in the family, as well as an Instagram star.

Every Moment With Him Was Perfect

Source: @peewee_brigade
Rocket’s new family did everything to make him feel good, going through all possible therapies with him, helping him to walk more easily, and providing him with a special diet.

Unfortunately, the years took their toll and that sad day had to come eventually. On December 21, 2022, his mom posted heartbreaking news on her Instagram profile.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you Rocket passed away yesterday. Every moment of his short time with us was perfect. He was a loving, calm, and precious soul ❣️” she wrote.

Rocket, previously known as Mr. Little, crossed the rainbow bridge and left his family, as well as many other people who fell in love with him, in tears.

However, there were also tears of joy because instead of being on the cold street, he ended his earthly life in a warm home with a loving family. And, every moment with him was a gift from God.

Rest in peace, little Rocket.

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