A cyclist takes a puppy he finds on the road home with him in his pocket.

Seeing an abandoned puppy wandering alone on a road, Meire Luce Andrade Abreu, a cyclist from Nordestina, Bahia, stopped to help. The woman, acting like a mother kangaroo, quickly decided to take the puppy home and put it in her shirt pocket. The biker tells Amo Meu Pet about Thor the dog’s amazing rescue.

Meire, a passionate cyclist, likes to explore her city’s streets. She ignores the weather and rides her bike outside in both the rain and the sun. And as a fan of the activity, I firmly believe that cycling is a fantastic way to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Meire rode her bike when the weather was bad a week ago because she wasn’t afraid. But instead of being a storm for the city, what may have been it was the calm of meeting a puppy.

The woman discovered a puppy that had been abandoned while she was traveling. The other day, the cyclist beside her urged her to pick up the puppy because she wouldn’t be able to transport it on her bicycle.

“No! There is no way in hell I’m going! I’ll accept him right away.Meire spoke to her companion.

With great tenderness, he took the baby and put it in the jersey pocket of his cycling shirt. Once he had made his decision, he walked on.

The dog was adopted! And a magnificent name that suits the day he was saved: Thor (whose Norse mythological meaning is “thunder”). The dog was taken to the doctor after being saved, who found nothing wrong with his health.

Thor now has a family of four canine siblings who will undoubtedly become best friends as they grow older, making him no longer feel alone in this world.
Meire is passionate about helping animals, and she provides advice to anyone thinking about adopting or caring for a lost animal.

Adoption must be motivated by love because children have emotions and can sense whether someone loves them or not.

Don’t ignore a defenseless animal; show compassion. Just as adopting a child is a display of love, helping others is an act of respect!

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