Left famished and on the brink of collapse, the weary puppy managed to make a remarkable and swift recovery

In August 2021, we got a call about a little, injured puppy called Bongo. Upon arrival, we observed that one of his rear legs was “degloved,” with the skin totally removed and exposing tissue and muscle. Bongo also had multiple puncture wounds on his body and a high body temperature, making his survival questionable.

Despite the odds, we started increasing his body temperature and fighting infection to give him a fighting shot. However, owing to his emaciated condition, we knew surgery would not be an option for him immediately, so we concentrated on making him as strong as possible first.

Bongo proved to be a warrior, having a healthy appetite and an enthusiasm in live. After many weeks, we were able to amputate his injured limb and treat with the infection. Although he still had a long journey ahead of him, considerable progress had been achieved, and he was now pain-free.

It took at least two months to properly cure Bongo’s wound, and during this period, he had some soft bone troubles with his legs. However, with appropriate nourishment and care, his body started to balance itself, and he continued to make advances towards recovery.

Now, Bongo is prospering, feeling comfortable on three legs, and even auditioning for the position of “lawn mower.” Despite the uncertainty of his survival when he first came into our care, Baby Bongo’s path to recovery illustrates that rescue definitely does matter.

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