A senior Pit Bull, formerly rummaging through trash, now relishes the joy of savoring dumplings, all thanks to the kindness of a compassionate stranger

Amora was on vacation in Bali when she came across a little Pit Bull eating from a dustbin on the side of the road. He was in bad form, having malignancies and being extremely emaciated. He had clearly been eating plastic, as she could see. She contacted Karin, the founder of Bali Bully Rescue, to see if she might assist. Karin couldn’t say no, even though the rescue organization’s intake was closed.

“I just don’t have it in me to ignore a dog in desperate need no matter what,” she writes on Bali Bully Rescue’s Facebook page. So my mantra for today is “rescue him first, worry about it later.”

Karin could tell the Pit Bull, whose they named Louie, had missed out on a lot of love over the course of his eight years. She was determined to find him a loving foster home, and she was successful. Louie just wanted to be a part of everything. Amora checked in on him and accompanied him to the beach, which he thoroughly enjoyed before she returned to Germany.

Louie is described as a “very sweet and mellow boy” who gets along well with Luna and Shelly. “We call them our fantastic three,” Karin writes. “They get along just perfectly and are sharing now our biggest kennel.”

Karin, on the other hand, would love for Louie to find a forever home to enjoy his golden years.

Bali Bully Rescue is in desperate need of assistance right now. They are in desperate need of dry food for their 40 rescue Pit bulls. If you want to help Louie and Bali Bully Rescue, please visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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