Dog Walks 125 Miles With ‘Tears In Her Eyes’ To Find Owner Who Abandoned Her

Alla Morozova is the owner of a shelter in Novosibirsk, Russia, where Maru, a noble bullmastiff, was adopted by a couple when she was five months old. Unfortunately, six months later, Alla received a phone call from the couple, who claimed they were allergic to the animals and needed to be returned to the shelter.

“I never give up my dogs, and when they adopt them, their owners are required to notify me if they can no longer have them,” Alaa said.

Given the situation, it was decided to send Maru on a train back to the shelter and an assistant agreed to take care of him, but after about 125 miles (201 km) of the journey, the train stopped at a station near Achinsk and the dog escaped. The Siberian Times reported.

Maru was terrified that the people she trusted the most had abandoned her, and the train was so loud.

She jumped into the cabin, kicked the handle, and nearly knocked the driver out of her way.

No one was able to detain her, so Maru’s manager immediately called the couple to report her disappearance, and they called Alla who asked them to search for her in the Achinsk region, but they both refused.

The couple seemed indifferent, as if the dog was no longer their responsibility.

Maru is believed to have walked from that station to the Krasnoyarsk industrial zone.

For her part, Ala decided to spread messages about Maro through publications and social media.

The dog was found two and a half days later in an industrial area in Krasnoyarsk, trying to reach the house where she had been rejected; She was injured and tired, and had “tears in her eyes,” rescuers said.

She had to pass through Russian forests that were plagued by brown bears and wolves. It’s incredible that she survived and that she has such a strong sense of location.

Alaa said: “Geographically, she had no reference point at all. She walked alone in the city courtyard and did not go anywhere else.”

Maru was tired and lame, and her paws, paws, and mouth were hurt. Before she was found, she had fallen from a train bridge.

Had she not been injured, the noble dog would surely have returned to the place he called home.

Maru is now undergoing treatment to overcome her ordeal with her biological parents at the shelter in Novosibirsk, and is also undergoing treatment for her injuries.

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