The “hardest to find” rescue dog was worried that he wouldn’t ever find a family.

Donna Clark anticipated a difficult journey when she learned that a black pit bull named Arlo needed a temporary home. She also understood that she could not possibly refuse him.
The president of Soul 2 Soul Animal Rescue, Clark, is the best person to understand how challenging it is to eradicate black pit bulls. Black pit bulls have consistently been the hardest dogs for the shelter to place; she’s not sure if this is because of superstition or because some people find them intimidating looking. Whatever the case, Clark was going to manage.

Good rescues don’t only accept dogs that are simple to place, according to a Facebook post from Soul 2 Soul. “They adopt a needy animal, regardless of appearance.”

Arlo had a friendly face and a cheerful demeanor, just like many other black pit bulls who had been overlooked and entered the shelter before him. He was perplexed as to why no one wanted him.

The Dodo quoted Clark as saying, “The beautiful, happy personality of black pit bulls and black pit bull mixes can often get overlooked by what people see on the outside.”

Arlo was overjoyed to finally find a place to call home. Unfortunately, the relationship was short-lived because Arlo’s adoptive parents decided to return him because the dog was too excitable and playful for their way of life. When Arlo returned to the shelter, Clark was heartbroken.

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