In a Christmas nativity scene, a stray dog finds sanctuary and gives birth to seven adorable puppies.

In a straw-filled barnacle, this street dog gave birth to seven puppies, much like Mary did when Jesus was born.

On the main square of Palenque, Mexico, there was a magnificent Nativity scene on display inside a straightforward tent. The usual assortment of Christmas figurines are posed in this one, but there’s a fresh, unanticipated element: a pregnant stray dog.
The adorable dog reportedly utilized the Christmas nativity scene as a safe haven because it felt secure there. She could supply illumination if necessary and take a respite from the chilly streets. She was snuggled up in the straw when local journalist Eric Guzmán found her.

The dog had just given birth to seven puppies, and Eric moved his head to the side to count them. The dog seems to have concluded that Christmas was her only chance for a secure and appropriate setting to give birth.

Eric told The Dodo that he was shocked and happy to see that his puppies were in a safe residence. They “never were cold or damp,” he insisted. Although Palenque is typically hot all year long, it starts to become cold around December, and dogs are frequently seen seeking cover from the elements.

Since Eric initially started telling people about the dog and her puppies, many Palenque locals have been to the manger to view them. Some of them even brought beverages and snacks. The family of dogs was allowed to stay for as long they needed by the local authorities, who even got involved.
Along with references to holiness, the animal lovers at Dejando Huellitas SOS Palenque have stepped up to ensure the dogs’ care both now and in the future and have started looking for homes for them to live in.

Eric doesn’t consider the puppies’ birth within the Christmas manger to be a miracle, but he does believe it will have an impact. The writer predicted that as citizens, “we will be more aware of stray dogs and would adopt them rather than buy them.” He asserted that we ought to love them no matter where they came from.

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