Rescue Staff Felt Heartbroken To See A Frightened Shelter Puppy Trembling In A Kennel Corner

Love is all our pups need in order to be happy. As their parents, we enjoy seeing their wagging tails and smiling faces when we wake up.

Our main priority is to give our fur babies all our love and to make them the happiest dogs in the world.

Sadly, there are cruel dog owners who abandon their faithful companions and let them down when they need their love the most.

Comfort was only three months old when her heartless family tossed her out from the only home she ever knew.

The Good Samaritan who witnessed the sad scene brought the adorable puppy to a shelter in Los Angeles, California.

Feeling betrayed by the people she trusted the most, she started desperately shaking in the kennel’s corner.

The Most Difficult Period Of Her Life

Source: @hellosouthladogs
When the pup, later named Comfort, was admitted to the shelter, she was malnourished and dehydrated, and she refused to eat. She was also infested with fleas.

She kept trembling with fear and crouching in her kennel. She avoided looking at the shelter staff and she didn’t let them touch her.

The shelter staff and volunteers felt sad to see the pup looking terrified.

Ashely Pittman volunteers at both the Los Angeles shelter and A Purposeful Rescue, a non-profit organization. Wishing to help Comfort find a foster home, she posted a video of the frightened dog on her Instagram account.

The video was soon reposted on TikTok and it went viral.

One of the people who watched the video was a foster, who immediately contacted Pittman and A Purposeful Rescue. The woman said that she would foster the scared pup, and that she was on her way to pick her up from the shelter.

The rescue got Comfort into their foster system and her foster mom took her home. She was determined to help her get rid of all her fears, so that she could become the dog she was always supposed to be.

A Loving Foster Home

Source: @apurposefulrescue
Staying at the shelter made Comfort feel anxious. The doggo’s foster mom knew that the pup just needed some time to decompress.

During the first couple of days in the foster home, Comfort kept whimpering and hiding under a bed.

Comfort’s foster mom took excellent care of the delightful pup, and she showered her with love.

Comfort began relaxing, and she now feels much better. Her beautiful eyes became filled with hope. Her foster mom can’t wait for her personality to shine through.

Source: @apurposefulrescue
After Comfort completely relaxes and settles in her foster home, she will start looking for her forever family.

We hope that adorable Comfort will soon find a forever home and loving parents who deserve her. We’re sure that they will cherish her and adore her forever.

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