This Sweet Pittie Lived For Years On A Chain Until A Fateful Encounter With His Rescuers

One thing I have always wondered is how so many dogs who spend their life abused or neglected end up being so sweet despite going through so much.

They likely went through many traumatic experiences, but still want to believe that the next person they see is a good one.

Dogs truly are the purest animals on this planet, and it’s something that will always amaze me because it’s something we can learn from.

In this story, we will talk about a neglected Pittie who spent his life on chains until he met the most wonderful people.

A Very Sad Dog

Source: The Dodo
When animal rescuers first encountered Niko at his home in Illinois, he was very happy to see them. They were almost like a breath of fresh air, as he finally met new people.

They noticed that his face was really swollen and that was because of his chain that was tightly wrapped around his neck.

Rescuers tried to get close and take it off, but he did not want anyone touching his face, as he was in pain.

One thing they also noticed was just how sad he was before this encounter and how much he wanted to just get away from that awful place.

Source: The Dodo
They tried by taking the leash off, but it was a rusty, old one, which meant that they had to bolt-cut it off.

Niko was fine, and now it was time to finally take him to a shelter in Illinois where they could help him.

Once he was there, everyone noticed that he was pretty shy, but he eased up when he noticed that the staff there gave him a lot of love and treats.

The rescuers contacted his previous owners to see if they wanted the dog back, but they said that they don’t have the means to take care of him.

Niko’s New Story

Source: The Dodo
When they realized that living in a kennel was making him very sad, they opened the shelter doors up to Niko and allowed him to play with the staff members, most notably, Kelsi.

The two would hang out for a long time, and he learned how to be more relaxed around other people, thanks to her.

However, despite this, they knew that it was probably better for him to be in a foster home before they could find a family for him.

So, they found him someone who would be willing to take him in and care for him.

Source: The Dodo
Even though he enjoyed his time being in a foster home, his rescuer, Hannah, thought she would surprise him with a lunch date with Kelsi.

They got together, went to the store, and picked out a lot of amazing food. He really enjoyed all of it and was happy to see Kelsi again.

When they returned him back to the fosters, new news came out about his adoption status.

His fosters loved him so much that they just couldn’t give him away to another family, so they decided that Niko would stay with them.

Everyone at the shelter was over the moon about this news and were happy that Niko had finally found his forever home.

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