The cunning Tino finds a deaf and elderly dog who had been missing for days and saves him

Rescuers and a family had an emotional moment when a missing puppy named “Puppy” was discovered 40 hours later. Tino, a novice Search and Rescue dog, was also in charge.
A 150-pound Great Pyrenees puppy named Karen James lost track of him while riding a horse in McCleary, Washington. After two frantic days of searching, his owners came to Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue for assistance.

The charitable group received Tino, a search and rescue dog, in an effort to locate Puppy.
Puppy was swiftly tracked down and discovered in a muddy gully less than a mile from Tino’s house. Through the muck, all that could be seen was his head.

Puppy had to be securely removed by three rescuers. Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue said on Facebook, “Tino did a fantastic job today, discovering this old dog stranded in the muck.”
In the event that his rear feet hadn’t initially functioned, he may have been stuck in the icy mud for hours. The forests are miles long, so Puppy’s family might not have located him without a search dog..

Puppy’s family was delighted to see him when he arrived at their home in a wagon.
In his words to Fox 13, James said, “He couldn’t escape the muck.” He strayed far enough from the path for us to miss him.

And you are aware that there are countless kilometers and countless acres of wilderness to explore. We would have never discovered him.
After 16 months of training, Tino’s first “Walk up find” was this, according to Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue. Without a doubt, it was a huge success!


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