Sad Dog Struggling To Find A Home, Realizes He Was The Only One Who Didn’t Get Adopted

Shelter staff know how shelter pups feel while they wait by the kennel door and hope to catch somebody’s attention.

They see the longing in the pups’ eyes. They know just how much the canines wish to find a wonderful home and parents who will give them all the love they lack.

Without finding a forever family, shelter dogs can never be completely happy.

In order to help the lovely shelter pets get their happy endings, many shelters organize adoption events, and all adoptable pets look forward to taking part in the event.

Elvis, an adorable shelter dog, was eagerly waiting for the event, too, and hoping that that would be the day when his dreams would finally come true.

Shelter Dog’s Hope For A Home

Source: The Anti-Cruelty Society
Elvis was picked up on the streets and brought to The Anti-Cruelty Society, an animal shelter located in Chicago, Illinois.

Ever since he arrived at the shelter, he yearned to find his forever family. In their loving arms, he wished to find the love he missed all along.

As the adoption event was approaching, Elvis became more excited and hopeful.

Sadly, his excitement turned into disappointment after the event ended. He realized that all his shelter companions had found their forever homes except him.

Returning To The Shelter

Source: The Anti-Cruelty Society
Although Elvis met many potential adopters, he didn’t get chosen, and he returned to the Chicago shelter.

The shelter staff felt heartbroken. They loved Elvis and they couldn’t understand why he was left out. He was a cuddle bug who had a lot of love to give.

Once he was at the shelter again, he looked around and he didn’t see any of his shelter friends. They all got adopted. The shelter was very silent and Elvis missed his friends. He hoped with his whole heart that he would leave the shelter, too.

Every time he heard visitors entering the shelter, he would closely watch them and wish they would talk to him and make him feel seen.

His shelter friends gave him all their love and affection and the pup felt comforted and loved.

Wishing to help their lovely Elvis find his happily-ever-after, his shelter friends turned to social media. They shared that Elvis was the only pet who didn’t get adopted at the adoption event.

Source: The Anti-Cruelty Society
“Help us find Elvis a family to love! Elvis is a 3-year-old meatball that has the silliest personality! His giant smile lights up every room he enters,” they wrote in their Facebook post.

Shortly afterward, his story went viral and many news stations reported about the sweet dog with a beautiful smile who found himself all alone in the shelter.

Elvis Is All Smiles As He Kisses His Forever Parents

Source: The Anti-Cruelty Society
Luckily, it didn’t take long for Elvis to find his forever family. Once Loren and Drew heard about Elvis’s situation, they knew that they wanted to adopt him and make him the happiest dog in the whole world.

When Elvis met his parents for the first time, he couldn’t contain his happiness and he covered their faces in adorable little kisses.

Elvis’ new parents held many Anti-Cruelty adoption events, and Loren is a former Elvis impersonator.

“This couple is head over heels in love with their new family member and already has a dog bed and tons of toys waiting for him at his forever home,” the shelter staff shared on their Facebook page.

Elvis’ parents are aware that their newest family member will need some time to adjust to his new home. They promised to shower him with love and spoil him a lot. They will give him the happy ending he has always dreamed of.

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